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Hawaiian Spiritual Healing can help you!

ARCH® and I’O® (Infinite Oneness Enlightenment) Hawaiian spiritual healing techniques help restore a state of Oneness with the Universe. ARCH and I’O affect all body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels, and heal subconscious issues as well as the problems you are aware of. They can help you heal just about anything, as long as you are ready to let it go and allow the healing to occur.

ARCH® and I'O® Hawaiian Healing
ARCH Healing Classes
Akashic Readings

Do you wonder why something won’t heal?

"Dis-ease” occurs when we are out of balance: a lack of “ease” manifests in our lives, and in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. A negative reaction to a situation puts our emotional body into a state of dis-ease. ARCH and I’O treatments can heal on every level and return a natural state of balance and peace.

ARCH and I'O healing can be instantaneous.

I specialize in energetic Hawaiian healing techniques brought back to Earth by Kahuna Ho’okahi, Laurie Keako’a’ Grant. My treatments help you explore the deeper reasons why your dis-ease is not healing. Make a conscious choice to heal, give up the drama and “benefits” associated with your state of dis-ease and allow your healing to happen!

Treatment | reading | channeling | class | workshop

Hawaiian healing treatments include ARCH, I'O, and Ho’oponopono. Hands-on and distance sessions – for pets and animals too!
Certified ARCH instruction with three levels of ARCH Hawaiian healing classes. Become a certified ARCH practitioner.
Akashic readings help you understand your life and your purpose.
Energy workshops Learn techniques to connecting with divine source.
Private or Group Channel Session Speak with high vibrational ascended masters and archangels. Weekly group—live or phone!

About Kathy Georgen

Kathy Georgen is Director of the Integrative Rainbow Healing Center, located in the Chicago suburbs. Kathy is an experienced I’O and ARCH certified healing practitioner and teacher. Since 2001 she has loved working with these energies!   Read more about Kathy

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