Channeled Information 2015

The channeled information for 2015 that’s coming through is profound and important enough for me to share with you. Visit this blog page to read the channeled information received during my Thursday evening Group Channel sessions. The sessions generally start with a message from one or more Light Beings. The Being(s) then leads the group in a channeled meditation. MP3 audio recordings of channeled meditations may be downloaded from my website for $5 each.

Integrating Channeled Information with Meditation

Most of the information is already known but presented here in a way that will help you integrate it, know it and live it! Sometimes we have to hear things a few times before it sinks in. The channeled meditations will help you understand the information in a more holistic way.

I hope that you enjoy and benefit from the information that has come through. I know some of them changed my perspective on life and helped me make changes to create a better life full of love, peace and joy!