Channeled Information: Host of Angels

“How to Stay Safe” – April 23, 2015

Good evening everyone! We are the Host of Angels. We are adjusting to the earth’s environment and are happy to be here! We hope you can feel the unconditional love we are sending. Please be aware that it is always there for you, radiating from us as well as all the other Light Beings that are in all the realities in all the worlds in all the universes.

We ask you to all take a moment, close your eyes and open your hearts. Make it your intent that you will accept all the love that is flowing through you right now in this moment, that you accept the unconditional love, that you are aware that you deserve to be loved, and that you are so loved!

We see you each as a beautiful ball of sparkling light, shining out for all to see. You go about your daily lives radiating out your own light and we are so happy and proud of you for doing that. We understand that that is not an easy thing to do in this earth environment. Take a moment and appreciate yourself for choosing to do that. You are serving yourself as well as the others around you, including the earth and All That Is. You can open your eyes.

The meditation “Accept & Love Yourself” was also contained in this channeled information.

We are excited to come to you to bring you this special message tonight because we are here to tell you that we are going to be spending more time on earth. This angel consciousness that is coming through tonight is the entire angelic realm as one voice. No matter what type of angel, their consciousness is here with you tonight.

On a physical level, you may see more flashes out of the corner of your eye, especially when you are at home. It’s just one of us doing some work with you or someone you live with or maybe we are working with the energy in your home, in your yards, your building, or the earth energy around your home. We ask that when you notice we are there, tune in, open your heart and accept our love, then send us love in return. That is how we connect with you.

If you are more aware, it means that you are allowing yourself to receive the love. In this way we want to set up communication with you. The first step is your awareness of our presence. All we are asking you to do right now is say “hello” when you see that flash of light. We know that some of you try to catch the flash, asking us to come back. If that didn’t work, it just means that that angel was on a mission and could not stop for you.

There will be more presence of angels, angel consciousness, on the earth now. There will be a lot of opportunities for angels to help in the coming months. You may have heard predictions that events will be unfolding in your summer months. We are aware that a request has been made to stay clear and balanced through the summer. We will be present to help you get through those events as easily as possible, based on how you want to react to those events.

If you choose high drama, then for example when a wind storm comes through, maybe a tree will fall on your car or your roof and you will react in a strong dramatic way. If that is what you want, you will create that. We can help that to happen as dramatically as you want.

Alternatively, if a wind storm comes through, you might say to yourself “Nothing of mine will be affected. The wind is blowing but it won’t harm anything and it won’t. It depends on you being aware of your thoughts creating your reality. When the big storms arrive and you hear warnings, you can create any experience that you want with respect to that storm. You have seen that when a tornado moves through a town that it can skip over homes. As long as you do not want the drama, you do not have to live through it. Keep that in mind this summer. We will be there to help you no matter what choice you make.

If you live with other people who move into a reaction of drama and negativity, it might be your job to talk them out of it, talk them through it, or help in some other way to keep the energy in your home as positive as possible. Your animals will take on whatever energy you are giving out. Even if an animal is reacting to the sounds of thunder or wind, they are not creating a negative reaction to the storm. They live in their own group consciousness of love and light, and they will not create destruction. They will enhance whatever your thoughts and feelings are at the time, as will we.

We hope you will welcome us into your homes. If you want more angel activity that you are aware of, it’s helpful to have some white candles that you light when you feel the need for angelic help or want to feel the love from us. You can bring some white flowers into your home. White has a vibration that draws us in, like moths to the flame. White symbolizes pure unconditional love. Those are a couple of things you can do if you want more of us there or a stronger knowledge and awareness of us.

When you are planting flowers this year, you can plant more white flowers here and there. Maybe have a pot of them if you don’t want to plant them. We understand that humans may find white flowers boring as they prefer the vibrancy of bright colors. White flowers will add peace and harmony to your gardens.

You will see more activity from the elementals – the elves, fairies, nature spirits. If you live near water, you will see more activity with respect to water sprites or spirits. The host is reminding us that she often sees a being she calls the lady of the lake who comes out of the lake she lives on. The lady of the lake oversees the entire area. If you live on a lake you can start communicating with the spirit of the lake you live on. If you don’t live on a lake you can certainly do the same when visiting a lake, pond or other open water. You may be asked to do something for the water spirit.

Our next topic concerns what is happening from an energy standpoint. In general, we have been receiving a lot of requests for clarity. A lot of people do not understand what is going on right now. The equinox brought in very strong energy, followed by a full moon with an eclipse and very specific and powerful planetary positions. These planetary influences are continuing as they always do. Your sun continues to have storms and subsequent flares that may be felt on the earth.

All of these celestial influences bring changes to the earth’s energy. When you hear that the energy is going to be intense, you hunker down and wait it out. You are looking for it to end, but that will not happen. Once you get through an intense period, whatever you processed during that time prepares you for the next intense period. The energies continue to build. There won’t be a time for a break in the energies. That is not built into the plan.

The plan is to advance the earth and each of the life forms on the earth in evolving. It is a very long process from your perspective. We ask you to continue releasing, healing and working on yourself to keep up with the increasing vibrations. You may have seen what happens to those who cannot keep up. We are not leaving them behind or ignoring them, we are ready to help when they choose to receive it. There are several things happening here. First, keep yourself clear and balanced. Second, love yourself, love yourself, love yourself! Loving yourself automatically clears and balances you. Third, move around, get out of your home, take a walk, jog, ride your bike. Do anything that you enjoy that moves your body. That is important for maintaining balance of your physical body.

If you feel compelled to help those who are struggling, do it. If you do not want to help them, then as long as you do not feel guilty, it’s perfectly fine. If you feel guilty, remember to process that guilt. You are not responsible for everyone around you, unless you have small children. You are only responsible for you.

Group Q&A: “Please talk more about creating good outcomes from storms.”

Humans do not understand that their thoughts create the next moment. They go about each day unconsciously creating their lives and what happens to the earth. If you are more conscious, you will have the ability to create peace and harmony when the strong storms occur. Keep in mind that if you react, that takes you out of creation mode. If you are busy reacting and doing damage control, you have stopped creating what you want. When an event occurs that directly involves you, instead of reacting to it, turn it around by deciding what you want instead. Focus on what you want and not just fixing the issue. Focus on no harm done because that is what you want.

Channeled and transcribed by Kathy Georgen from an audio recording of my Group Channel.
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