It can’t be whole without us.

Happy May!

I was listening to one of the messages I channeled back in February and once again felt the impact it had on me when I channeled it. The Council of Light came through and talked about how each of us, individually, is necessary for the Whole. We are each an integral part of It. It can’t be whole without us. That was a big aha moment for me. We tend to feel insignificant as humans, living our daily lives, making decisions, coping with challenges and working hard. But God, Divine Source or whatever you call It, loves, accepts and values each of us, knowing that we are a part of It.

So we, you and I, are each important in the grand scheme of things! Isn’t that a great thought! Now that you know that, think about how you treat yourself. I hope you are doing what Divine Source does – loving, accepting and valuing yourself. Spring is a time for new beginnings, and it’s time to start with you first! You are so important! Treat yourself with loving kindness and see how your life changes!

On the business end of things, I have planned more of my 2015 schedule, listed below. My website is currently undergoing big changes and is not yet updated with this information. We hope to launch the new version soon with all the updated classes and workshops, along with a whole new look. Upcoming events events are listed below.