March 2016: Time to heal.

 Spring eclipses bring a time to heal.

Spring eclipses bring a time to heal.

 Learn how to heal with pure Divine love!

Learn how to heal with pure Divine love!

Heal with pure Divine love!

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Healing eclipses bring abundance and change. Pay attention—see what happens in your life!

We are entering the Spring season… a time of rebirth for the earth. For those of us living in areas that experience seasons, it’s always a joyful time! We watch for our spring flowers to bloom—my snowdrops started blooming yesterday! As the temperature warms up, we are outdoors more and our world seems to come alive again. It’s a time for action and healing. The energies are coming in fast and very intense now, and once again, issues that have been hidden are coming to the surface for us to heal.

We will have lots of help with healing this month because there are eclipses coming our way. There is a solar eclipse March 8-9 and a lunar eclipse March 23. Along with healing energy, eclipses bring abundance and wonderful changes, so pay attention and see what happens in your life!

I know a lot of you are going through big challenges and hope the energies of March will help alleviate your stress and worry. The eclipse energy will help you gain new perspective on your lessons and challenges, giving you the opportunity to resolve them in a more harmonious and peaceful way. Find joy in the little things and allow peace to surround you as you heal.