October 2015 Newsletter


We made it! September was quite a big energy month and we are still alive and kicking (maybe kicking and screaming all the way)! We are still recovering from all the changes that occurred. Remember that when the vibrations increase, it affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. If you are still feeling the effects, you have more to heal, just keep at it and soon you will feel better.

Now we are into the harvest energies – time to accept abundance! It will be coming your way in whatever form you have created. Now that the energies have really increased our vibration (literally increased the vibration of our molecules), we can use that shift to quickly create anything we want!

It’s not egotistical to ask for what you want – you deserve it! Be good to yourself and allow yourself to accept all the abundance that is ready to come into your life. Be clear on what it is you want – whether it’s spiritual, personal, or material. Tell the Universe what it is and let the Universe send it to you. No limiting thoughts, no judgments, just be positive and expect the best – it’s time!