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Akashic Records Reading

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Schedule an Akashic Records reading in my Chicago far north office, or request an Akashic reading by phone. Choose a 1/2 or one-hour reading depending on how much information you request. Please Indicate your availability, the purpose of the reading, and issues you hope to understand. I will contact you to finalize the date and time of your reading – Kathy

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Understand your life, Soul and purpose.

My Akashic Records reading will help you better understand yourself, your life and purpose. You will receive the information you need to move forward in an easier, more joyful way!

The Akashic records exist in the spiritual plane that holds all the information about our Souls. An Akashic reading may include information on significant events in your current or past life, medical issues, relationships, your soul’s life purpose, and messages from your guides. I will contact friends and family who have passed over in order to help you settle unresolved issues. I may tell you about past life events that help explain why certain challenges, issues or events have manifested in your current life.

What questions will you ask?

Expect to receive messages from your angels, guides and maybe even loved ones who have passed over. Some people couple an Akashic Records reading with an energy treatment to help balance strong emotional responses to the reading. You may shed some tears, but I absolutely believe that your reading will give you a new perspective on life!

Have a list of questions ready. An Akashic reading is structured such that I will give you some information up front, then allow you to direct the reading to ask your questions and explore topics of interest.

An audio CD of your reading is included.

Additional information

Session Length

Full Hour $100, Half Hour $55

Reading Location

Personal readings are performed at my office in Lake Villa, IL. Call me at 847-687-7886 for more information.

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