Deep Matrix Healing Apprentice (3) 2016

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This class is limited to those students who wish to be certified as a Deep Matrix Healing℠ Expert Practitioner. You will be extensively trained in how to access blocks deeper than the body’s protective energy layers to repair the body hologram. As you begin your apprenticeship period, we will work together until you are comfortable and proficient in the technique. We’ll also track your clients’ progress to gain a better understanding of techniques and effectiveness. For additional information please contact Kathy.



Deep Matrix Healing Apprentice (3)

This 2-day class prepares the student for an ongoing apprenticeship. Apprentice students will learn the heart of the Deep Matrix Healing technique: how to access the very essence of the Soul and assist it in expressing the Divine Matrix in the physical body.

Length of the apprenticeship period varies, and will be determined between the student and teacher. This is a truly exciting opportunity which may not be available in the future!

Prerequisite: Advanced Deep Matrix Healing (Level 2)

Become a Deep Matrix Practitioner!

  • Be initiated to opening protective energy layers for deeper healing
  • Learn how to repair the body hologram
  • Start your apprenticeship working on your clients with Kathy
  • Start a practice if you don’t have one
  • Incorporate Deep Matrix Healing into your current practice
  • When all is accomplished, become a Certified Deep Matrix Healing Expert!

Additional information

Class Date

Contact Kathy

Registration Terms

Prerequisite: Advanced Deep Matrix Healing (Level 2 class). Register in advance on this page, or <a href="">contact</a&gt; Kathy Georgen at (847) 687-7886.

Class Tuition

Pay in Full $2500, Advance Deposit $750, Pay Balance Due $1750

Class Location

Chicago Area venue. Kathy will provide registrants with the class location prior to the event.

Class Schedule

Class dates and times are determined by teacher/student consensus.


Kathy Georgen, Deep Matrix Healing Founder; Practitioner, Kahuna ARCH® MasterTeacher and Practitioner, ARCH Medical Intuition Reader, I’O® Healing Master, Reiki Master Teacher.

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