Ho'oponopono Technique - Heal a Relationship Problem

Ho’oponopono Technique

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The Ho’oponopono technique is recommended to resolve conflict in a relationship without verbal or physical interaction. Use Ho’oponopono to heal a relationship problem among family and loved ones, or resolve a problem with a friend, business partner, neighbor, etc. I perform the Ho’oponopono technique as a distance treatment in which the Ego is not present. By working directly with the Soul of each person I can heal a damaged relationship more quickly.

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Ho’oponopono Technique

Experience lasting forgiveness and peace.

Ho’oponopono will heal a relationship problem between two or more people. From a space of Love, my intuition guides the Soul of each person through the healing process. In that Divine space they communicate everything they want to say without emotion or interruption. When all feelings have been expressed, I direct an energy healing to each person to help them release negativity and experience lasting forgiveness and peace. I ensure that all parties are content before ending the Ho’oponopono. Details and feedback will be provided via e-mail following your session.

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