Introduction To Deep Matrix Healing - Class 1

Deep Matrix Healing (1)

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Introduction To Deep Matrix Healing℠ (Level 1) helps you learn how to honor and work with the body, soul and ego to speed up healing, as well as gain an understanding of the Divine Matrix energy. In the first-level introductory class, learn the basics of this powerful modality. Experience deep clearing and healing, and receive initiations to high level energies that will enhance your ability to facilitate healing in others. Register in advance to receive the preparatory information.



Heal with pure divine love.

  • Opportunity to clear and heal yourself
  • Work with your Ego to release issues at a deeper level
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Meet and work with the Archangels
  • Learn the basics of the Deep Matrix Healing method
  • Learn about the Divine Matrix and how to experience it
  • Learn how to clear spaces
  • Become a certified Deep Matrix Healing Facilitator!

Deep Matrix Healing (Level 1)

Deep Matrix Healing℠ was developed from experiences I obtained during my soul’s journey through many lifetimes. Treatments correct imbalances in your “core” energy to help you heal, live a life of love, peace and joy, and establish a much stronger connection to God, the Divine Source.

Prerequisite: Kahuna ARCH® Healing Master (level 3).

Additional information

Class Date

April 16 & 17, 2016


You must register before the class date to receive the preparatory information. Prerequisite: ARCH® Healing Master (level 3). Register on this page or contact Kathy Georgen at (847) 687-7886.

Class Tuition

Pay in Full $350, Advance Deposit $150, Pay Balance Due $200

Class Location

Chicago Area venue. Kathy will provide registrants with the class location prior to the event.

Class Schedule

Saturday/Sunday 9:30am–5:30pm. There will be ample time for lunch.


Kathy Georgen, Deep Matrix Healing Founder, Kahuna ARCH Master Teacher and Practitioner, ARCH Medical Intuition Reader, I’O® Healing Master, Reiki Master Teacher.

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