The energies are easing up.

Happy Spring!

Flowers are blooming, weather is improving and energies are easing up – at least temporarily! So I hope all is well with you too. In the past month, I continue to receive the same messages over and over, as if the Divine is helping me integrate them so they become second nature to me.

The first message is to love myself more and more each day. The second is to be very aware of my negative statements and thoughts. These messages go hand in hand, in that we often think negative thoughts about ourselves (when we get into judgment), and they block us from loving and accepting ourselves completely. Now I am much better at remembering that all my thoughts and words create my reality, my life.

All the thoughts we think and words we say are picked up by the Universe as requests for what we want. Yes, they really are! That’s why we are told to be so careful in what we say and think, especially since the cosmic energies have been raising the earth’s vibrations. The increased energy causes words and thoughts to be created very quickly.

So if I say “I’m so tired”, I’m manifesting that for my body. It has become a game for me to find creative ways to, in essence, cross out the negative thoughts and change them to something positive and joyful. So when I feel tired, I declare that I feel refreshed and excited – and somehow the energy moves through my body and I feel better instantly! Try it and see how it changes your life!

My newsletters are now going to be more concise. My website is undergoing a wonderful transformation, and you will see how this all fits together once it’s launched. Have a blessed and joyful month!


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